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Career Guidance

Grade 9 is a crucial year for every South African learner to live. You need to begin worrying about career options in Grade 9. Your choice will also depend on what subjects are offered.

Business Studies Study Guides

The Department of Basic Education has had the pleasure of publishing its annual business study guides for the first time in the history of the country's education system.

Applying For a Matric Exemption Certificate: A Complete Guide.

Certificates of exemption shall be issued to students who have acquired a Senior Certificate lacking endorsement

How do you get a matric remark or re-check?

You can apply to have the exam paper re-marked or re-checked if you have not passed your National Senior Certificate (NSC) exam and are maybe unsatisfied.

Tips to prepare matriculants best for the next preliminary exams

Matriculants are undergoing their semi-final examinations called prelims. Before the final exam takes place, the...

How to Beat Anxiety And Pass Tests Like A Hero!

Have you ever studied hard and felt ready for the exam, but when you go into the exam room, your mind goes empty? You can see your sweaty palms.

5 Tips for Preparing Matriculants for Exam 

Exams can be one of the most overwhelming times for a lot of students. It's time for students to mentally prepare for their final academic year.

How to get ready for the National Benchmark Tests

Once you've registered for the National Benchmark Test, you'll need to prepare for the big day. There are a few tools you can use...

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